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Background & History

The Christian Church in Australia (CCA) began as a mission of Life Christian Centre in Adelaide. LCC had the vision to plant churches in the different cities of Australia and planted churches in Brisbane Perth and New South Wales.


The congregation continued to grow and so did its vision for evangelism among Italo-Australians. Active evangelism led to the establishment of groups of believers in Perth and Brisbane.


Given that Life Christian Centre was associated with the CCNA and that CCNA sponsored the first missionary to our church the CCA was formed to facilitate future growth.


The CCNA now called IFCA represents over 2600 churches in many nations of the world. These include the Philippines, Africa, North America Europe India and many other nations of the world.


When the CCA was established different churches who had a similar mission and ethos began to join the movement.


The CCA was incorporated in 1979. Since then, the fellowship has experienced growth, both in terms of the number of churches established in Australia and the number of people being reached with the gospel.


The vision of the CCA is to support leaders, Build churches and reach the lost. We are committed to sharing the good news of Jesus with all Australians including those from different cultures and backgrounds.


CCA reaches out in mission and evangelism to a diverse range of people with many needs. It has strong links with churches in other parts of the world, which have come into being as a result of its mission activities or which have sought an association with CCA because of its multicultural, Pentecostal and mission ethos.


CCA is an incorporated body with its headquarters in Adelaide, Australia, and is managed and governed by an Executive Board.

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