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Our Vision

The CCA exists to Support Leaders,
Build Churches, and Reach the Lost.

Our Strategy

Support Leaders

  • Provide opportunities for fellowship with other leaders

  • Provide assistance with compliance


Build Churches

  • Provide training opportunities for leaders

  • Organize an annual conference

  • Help pastors develop strategic plans for their churches


Reach the Lost

  • Support both national and international missions projects

Our Values


We value sound doctrine that is based on the Bible, the Word of God.



We value effective leadership as a key God-honouring means of facilitating transformation in churches.

We value excellence, which honors God and inspires His people.



We value strategic collaboration with and between churches to help accomplish our God-given mission and we share our resources for the work of God's Kingdom.

We value all people and all Christian churches, irrespective of size, cultural background or location.


We value authority and accountability in our members and member churches, and we hold to the Biblical principle of submitting to one another and to those in authority.

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