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  • The voting membership of the Association is known as the Executive Board of Christian Church in Australia.

  • All local churches holding a Certificate of Affiliation are affiliated members of the Association.

  • All ordained ministers of churches holding a Certificate of Affiliation are entitled to participate in and represent their local churches at an annual CCA Pastors' Summit.

Organization and Government

  • The headquarters of the Association is in Adelaide, South Australia.

  • An Executive Board oversees and manages the activities of CCA.

  • The members of the Executive Board appoint the General Overseer/President of the Association, who is responsible for chairing meetings of the Executive Board and the annual Pastors' Summit.

  • The Executive Board may appoint other officers and committees, as required.

  • The Executive Board meets at least annually and is responsible for official business and formal activities carried out under the banner of CCA.

  • The Executive Board may appoint Directors for any specific departments, as appropriate, for instance: Missions and Evangelism; Publications and Promotions; Radio and Television Ministry; Youth; Children's Ministry; Education and Training; and other areas, as deemed necessary.

  • The Executive Board organizes an annual Pastors' Summit for ordained ministers of affiliated churches and other invited pastors, which provides an opportunity for fellowship and mutual support and encouragement through teaching, prayer, sharing ideas, sharing resources, and the like.

  • The Pastors' Summit is held in South Australia every second year and normally in other Australian States in alternate years.

Annual General Meeting

  • The Executive Board meets at least annually for the Annual General Meeting of the Association. Normally, this meeting takes place during the annual Pastors' Summit.

  • In any meeting of the Executive Board, including the Annual General Meeting, all Executive Board members in attendance at that meeting constitute a quorum.


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